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In Ground Spa Removal

Expert In Ground / Below Ground Spa Removal Service

Most inground type spas are usually 20 to 35 years old and dont work anymore. The question usually is: how can I get rid of it and where do I start?
 Although "pool and spa" companies love to install these units - they don't typically like to remove them. Getting that old spa shell out of the ground is not the easiest thing.

Inground spas are set up pretty much that same as an inground pool. Same equipment, same functionality, but a much smaller unit holding the water.

If you are not using your inground spa most likely it is:
 - Taking up room in your backyard
 - Attracting mosquitos
 - Hooked up to electrical equipment and a gas line that is hopefully shot off
 - Costing you more on your home owner's insurance

Average Costs to Have an In Ground Spa Removed:
In California you can expect to pay $450 to $1,200 

    Pricing usually depends on:
      • The size of the inground spa shell
      • The complexity of the equipment setup.

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